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It all started 40 years ago…

It started in the mountains and foothills out west with the pursuit of elk and mule deer. It continues to this day, as Tim Strickland likes nothing better than to outfox whitetail bucks, bears, red stags and other big game around the world.

Tim's quest for archery challenges then drew him into the world of competitive shooting. His mark in that arena is considerable: two world and ten national titles.

As Tim's success in archery grew, so did his love of the sport. He felt compelled to help others have success shooting a bow. That goal has manifested itself in three areas:

It started on a small scale, instructing local youth. It ended on the biggest stage of all, where archers coached by Tim received Olympic gold. His desire to share his wealth of archery knowledge continued, as he was privileged to author the shooting curriculum for the National Archery in the Schools Program.

The final step in his goal to help others have success in archery was to develop a series of products designed to help shooters and hunters reach their full potential. With the help of some top engineers, bowyers and students of archery, Tim put his experience to good use to develop a line of products designed to be the best. Featuring The Helix Arrowhead Strickland’s Archery lives up to its motto: "Innovation…40 Years in the Making."

Tim Strickland’s Approach to Traditional Archery Look At What Folks Are Saying

Dear Tim,

Just wanted to let you know how my much shooting has improved since I purchased your traditional DVD. I took my second doe in two weeks with my recurve and made perfect double lung shots on both. Thanks again for all the great information.

Matt Parker

Matt Parker with Doe
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Tim & Shirley Strickland

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Strickland's Archery Adventures
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