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Western Slope Colorado Elk Western Slope Colorado Elk Western Slope Colorado Elk

I have been Hunting dark timber elk for years and guiding, I can say I have used many broad heads but nothing compares to the Helix. This broad head punches through bone and flesh with ease. I took this 6x6 at 25 yard, the broad head went through the front side of the front shoulder and the elk dropped. Three weeks later I shot a 160" whitetail at 60 yards with the same broad head.

I recommend this broad head to all my clients, the most accurate and true flight broad head on the market, thanks for a great product.

Western slope Colorado



I shot this 19 pt Iowa Giant with the Helix. I just want to say thank you for the great broadhead. The Helix is the cream of the crop. The entrance hole was a big as a silver dollar and you could stick three fingers in the exit hole. He went only 50 yards!!

Thanks again,

Mike Pregler

West Texas buck

Tim it starts every year working hard for the day to go bowhunting. Its been two years since I been fortunate to take one. This year for my 41st birthday my wife surprised me with a hunt out west Texas. On 11/06/11 the eve of I connected on this fine 13 pointer after several days of hunting.

Thanks Tim for awesome broadhead! The 230gr helix that tipped my arrow out of my longbow did the job on this West Texas buck!!!

Brian Okonski



Good day Mr. and Mrs Strickland,

I just purchased another 4 packs of 100 grain right wing Helix broadheads. I still can’t get over how these little gems hold a good edge and how they penetrate. We want to let you know that should you look for representatives of your Helix heads, we would absolutely love doing that. And as per mentioned, congratulation in coming up with a great broadhead design.

Daniel and Sylvie.


Stag taken with 125 grain Helix

Hi Tim,

I shot this stag from 32 yards with a 125gr Helix. The stag was bedded down quartering and facing away from me. The Helix entered the stag just forward of his right hind leg and exited between his front legs. The reaction of the stag was unusual. He leapt to his feet, ran 5 yards, stopped, looked around, walked 3 yards, ran another 5 yards then walked for another 16 yards and fell over dead. He was down in 5 seconds and only went 29 in total. The stag was 3 and a half and his left pedicle had been damaged the year before (possibly by a bullet). He was a good size, around 250lbs. Love what the Helix is doing for my bowhunting, they are certainly making recoveries easy.


New Zealand Trophies


The Fallow buck won the Norm Douglas Memorial Trophy for Largest Fallow Taken for the 10/11 year for the New Zealand Bow hunters Society, it also went on to win The Sayer Webster Trophy for largest Deer any Species by interspecies comparison for 10/11 and with The helix.

Yours in Bowhunting,
Simon Bullivant,
Advanced Archery NZ



Dear Mr. Strickland,

We received your 100 grain Helix broadheads today and I had the opportunity to let one fly at 100 yards using my Athens Exceed compound bow. What I can say is field point accuracy is not an issue with your broadheads as I hit one inch to the right of the red dot located on my 1/2" sheet of plywood. As I released the arrow, I observed its flight and everything flew straight and this is what made me smile, as the arrow hit the wood, I heard a loud "TACK" when the arrow connected.

Now Mr. Strickland, out of 8 popular 100 grain broadheads, your is the only one that blew right through the plywood. I am at the very moment blown away with its design an effectiveness.

In a short while, we will be going on a moose/elk and deer combination bowhunt and both my wife and I are pretty excited about letting one of our arrows fly suing your Helix broadheads. We will keep you informed.



Carol Watson’s Red Stag


The penetration of my Helix tipped arrow on this big animal with my 40lb draw weight bow was unbelievable. And the blood trail was ridiculous - not that I needed it as he went down within sight, just 60 yds, game over. I was feeling confident going out on this hunt, I'd been practising with a lighted nock and I could see that my arrow flight with the Helix was straight and true easily out to 50yds. That's an awesome feeling! With my draw weight and light arrows, I'm always looking for an edge to improve my penetration and the Helix is most definitely my broadhead of choice.

Carol Watson
Advanced Archery NZ



Flying Chisels of Death

Gidday Tim,

Just been down the range having a play. I am currently shooting some lightspeeds through my Monster and clicking 330fps have it set up to do a 3d tournament tomorrow.

Today however I’m going to take it for a red stag hunt. I was thinking I was going to have to shoot a mechanical, but wanted to take the Helix. So into the tool box and out with a 100 grain helix to give it a try. A slight adjustment in the rest and at 45 yards they flew perfect and right where I wanted. Love these broad heads.
Last weekend I shot 4 goats with the same helix broad head.

As you can also see from the title of the e-mail That I have also thought of a great name to re-brand the helix with.

HAHA - "The Flying Chisels of Death" Not very PC but I think it describes the head perfectly



Junior Sizemore


Dear Helix Staff,

I wanted to share how the Helix broadhead has improved my hunting. The Helix has improved my range of shooting. I shoot it at 60 yards better than any other brand of broadheads at 40 yards, and the blood trails are great, too! I am looking forward to many more successful years using the Helix Broadhead.

Junior Sizemore


Rick Bohl’s Trophy Muley



Wanted to tell you the "Helix" performed great for me on my trophy Muley this fall. I had a complete pass through hitting ribs on both sides and the head was still sharp enough that you could have harvested another deer with it. The single bevel edge is a snap to resharpen, gives great arrow flight, and is really tough. For me the "Stick"/ "Helix" combo is a winning set up.

Rick Bohl

Kirk's Buck


Hey Tim,

I’ve been watching your shows on tv and checking out your website. Those new broad heads work great. I just got this buck yesterday. He’s about a 140in 10-pointer. It was the best blood trail I’ve ever seen. He only went 50 yds.

Hope you and Shirley are doing well,


Kevin Watson’s Sambar Deer


Hi Tim and Shirley,

Attached some photos of a couple of sambar deer we shot at the weekend using your "Flying Chisels of Death". I was using the 125grain Helix. I shot the stag from 30 yards. It was a steep downhill shot and was pouring with rain at the time. The head stopped on the leg bone on the other side. The stag powered off downhill as fast as possible and ended up 80yards down the spur it was on. I suspect it was all over in 5 seconds. Just as well as the rain was so heavy any blood trail would have been washed away.

Kevin Watson


Carol Watson’s Sambar


Hi Tim and Shirley,

Here is Carol’s sambar, a yearling hind from 21 yards, it went about forty. My stag was a 3 year old and weighed about 350-400lbs. Sambar are a big animal and can be hard to kill. Thanks for the great broadhead.

Kevin Watson


Tim and Shirley!!!
It was a pleasure speaking to you! I want you to know that I can't say enough good things about this Helix broadhead!! This season I have been to Australia, Montana, and Alaska, hunting some of the largest big game animals. From wild boars in Australia to water buffalo, Montana elk, Alaskan Yukon moose, and have had pass threw shots on every animal, including a 72 yard shot on my Yukon moose! Not a single failure, this broad heads are extremely tough and sharp, thank you for making the best broadheads on the market!!!
John Leighton

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